The Washington Ice Dogs program adheres to the policies of the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) as it relates to Sexual Abuse and Prevention.    Volunteers will receive a copy of ASHA Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies and sign that they have received and read such policies. The policies can be found on the ASHA website but include:

  • Online sexual abuse training and background checks for all volunteers aged 18 and older.

  • Zero-tolerance for any sexual abuse committed by a player, coach, parent, or volunteer.

Sexual abuse is defined, as “Includes any sexual activity with a child where consent is not or cannot be given.  This includes sexual contact that is accomplished by force or threat of force, regardless of the age of the participants, and all sexual contact between an adult and a child, regardless of whether there is deception or the child understands the sexual nature of the activity.  The sexually abusive acts may include sexual penetration, sexual touching or molestation, sexual injury or non-contact sexual acts such as exposure or voyeurism, and sexual exploitation.”

  • Mandatory reporting of suspected abuse.     Reports of abuse will be made to the program director who will follow up with Children’s Protection Services, the police, and ASHA.

In addition to ASHA’s abuse prevention policies, the Ice Dogs have in place a co-ed locker room policy and a travel policy to which all coaches, players, parents, and volunteers must adhere.

Locker Room Policy

When possible, male and female locker rooms will be provided.  However, since parents of opposite gender are often assisting players in the locker room we will maintain a co-ed locker room policy for all Ice Dog locker rooms.  Players must adhere to a minimum attire policy which means that players must arrive at the rink wearing and at all times in the locker room wear a base layer or shorts and t-shirt.  (no underwear only in the locker rooms)

There should be no cell phone photographs or video taken inside of an Ice Dogs locker room.

Travel Policies

Coaches and volunteers should not transport or stay in a hotel with an unrelated player under the age of 18. Player parents/guardians who agree to transport or chaperone other players are responsible for making these driving or hotel arrangements privately.  

No coach, parent, or volunteer shall at any time be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing their coaching and/or chaperoning duties.